ColonyTrak was developed as a proof of concept project with the ultimate goal of providing a mobile lab animal management tool.

Over the last few years, ColonyTrak has seen multiple revisions, from several authors, but never made public. The original tool was left available as proof of concept, while the updated and modified tool remained available only for local use.

The last several months have been exciting for us, and we would like to announce that the revamped tool should be available for testing in early December, 2014. As such, the original tool has been taken offline.

Any and all inquiries about the tool should be sent to the ColonyTrak development team lead.

The newly designed tool was developed from the ground up. Stricter emphasis was placed on protecting against SQL injection by way of MySQLi prepared statements, along with stricter authentication measures with enhanced hashing techniques.

We appreciate your interest in ColonyTrak, and welcome all questions and/or comments.


ColonyTrak Team
The University of Memphis
Bioinformatics Program